What’s LPG?
LPG is liquefied petroleum gas. It’s an hydrocarbon including principally a mix of propane and butane. It is obtained from petroleum refining process or directly extracted from the deposit through simple separation processes from natural gas or petroleum. LPG is a very good fuel for traction, cheap and environment-friendly. LPG supplied engines are much more clean since they do not let out waste such as lead, benzene, sulphur, which are absolutely absent in LPG.  In fact, compared to the other fuels, the exhaust gases result less than 10-15% as regards carbon dioxide, 20% as regards carbon monoxide and 55-60% as regards incomplete combustion of other hydrocarbons. Thanks to these characteristics, LPG grants engine long life, reduces oil consumption, improves the quality of environment.

 - Non-polluting
 - You can drive everywhere
 - Wide availability
 - Low maintenance
 - High reliability
 - Same performances as petrol
 - Good range
 - Space-saving tank

- Average cheap