Zavoli S.r.l. is an Italian company, founded in Cesena (Italy) in 1993. Since then the company has embraced a steady and successful development path, and today it’s a world leader in the production and commercialization of LPG and CNG conversion equipment for the automotive industry.


This is the birth year of the first ZAVOLI veturi-system LPG and CNG regulators. A unique, patented, compensation mechanism allows to install these regulators in every position, including obliquely to the direction of driving. 


ZAVOLI release their first Lambda  control system for injection vehicles.  


It’s a turning point in the automotive industry. New and more restrictive anti-pollution regulations give ZAVOLI the opportunity to release their innovative LPG and CNG gaseous injection systems.


As the popularity of the sequential injection systems grows, ZAVOLI accomplish a new revolutionary project: the single-stage gas pressure regulator/reducer. The main feature of this innovative product is the capacity to stabilize the gas outlet pressure under any driving and gas inlet pressure conditions. A functional and compact design complete the incredible success of the ZETA regulator.


The PAN injector in ZAVOLI’s very own response to the necessity of high performances also in the gas injection technique. The PAN injector directly inject the gas stream coming from the regulators into the engine intake manifold. Main features of this product are its fast operating times and the extremely flexible, single or multiple assembling options. 



A new milestone in ZAVOLI’s history: the acquisition by the American, stock listed (Nasdaq) company Fuel System Solutions, The success and potential of ZAVOLI is recognized and publically announced by the most authoritative and specialized press agencies and publications.


ZAVOLI innovative approach to the business this time materializes in a new products distribution approach. By eliminating any intermediary or sub-distribution operation, ZAVOLI aimed to a more personal and competitive service, in the anticipation of clients’ needs. With its ZAVOLI GAS POINT project today ZAVOLI directly supply and support more than 500 garages in Italy.



The BORA systems represent the latest Zavoli’s very own solution for petrol, sequential multipoint injection vehicles. BORA LPG and CNG systems and kits are the most technologically advanced conversion equipment, a natural evolution of the ALISEI range. In order to satisfy the most modern vehicles demands and to offer to the installers the easiest and more user friendly experience, Zavoli has introduced its very own BORA technology, entirely developed in Zavoli’s laboratories, and featuring revolutionary characteristics.

BORA CNG and LPG kits also feature the new Zavoli JET injectors. Like its predecessor, the JET injector offers flexible assembling options, and features the fastest and most precise injection times, capable to satisfy the requests of the most demanding modern engines


Entirely developed according to ZAVOLI’s long and proven experience in DIRECT injection,  the BORA DIRECT systems are Zavoli’s answer to the conversion of vehicles equipped with the latest versions of this DIRECT injection engines.


FUEL SYSTEMS SOLUTION and WESTPORT groups merge to create the new  Westport Fuel Systems, a premier, global group for the engineering, manufacturing and supply of alternative fuel systems and components. This business combination will provide long-term value to our business partners along with key benefits for our shareholders and customers.