Fiat 500 Hybrid converted to LPG with Zavoli Bora S32

Fiat 500 Hybrid converted to LPG with Zavoli Bora S32

Combining the benefits of hybrid with those of a greener and cheaper fuel: we can! di #Zavoli offers the LPG solution, that fits very easily to different engine solutions.

 Fiat Mild Hybrid technology improve 500 and 500X efficiency, reducing CO2 emissions for a better and more relaxing driving experience. Mild Hybrid system assists while accelerating to improve responsiveness and ensuring a faster and smoothly engine during Start&Stop.

 Hence the new 500 1.0 Hybrid converted with Bora S32 system, for consumption improvement and emissions reduction.

 CO2 emissions 10% lower, almost zeroed PM10 and about 45% cost cutting (depending on service stations price).

 Bora S32 LPG ECU software is the great novelty, communicating with both hybrid and petrol system. Mechanical parts remain the same.

 No need to recharge the battery: the system is self-charging, using regenerative braking and deceleration from the engine itself, ensuring a comfortable urban and extra-urban driving, more respect for the environment and savings.

 What are you waiting to convert your 500 Hybrid, ask the ZAVOLI Gas Point network for a quotation here

Posted on 10/10/2022 News 482

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