EUROPA 3 Multivalve

EUROPA 3 Multivalve

More safety and reliability in LPG systems

The multivalve for LPG tanks for automotive use has always been one of the most important elements in terms of safety of the entire gas plant. In fact, it is responsible for the various functions required by the regulations in force, such as the limitation of the filling of the tank at 80% and the limitations managed by the safety valve and the thermofusible valve.

The multivalve, is now presented in a further renewed version, approved according to the ECE 67R-01 European regulation.

The Europa 3 version differs from the previous ones starting from the production process, improved thanks to the use of new assembly lines, which guarantee the optimization of the working processes and make the component more reliable and more easily traceable.

The Europa 3 multivalve meets the needs of the installer, simplifying the assembly work, thanks to a new piping configuration and a smaller and more compact solenoid valve assembly. Even the 80% charge group has been further improved and made more reliable.

The Europa 3 multivalve is available for both toroidal and cylindrical tanks, in the Standard and Max versions, the latter designed for greater power engines

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