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Compact full electronic LPG reducer for low to high power engines (up-to 500Hp ). For smooth and optimal driveability and performance.

-  Compact and light weight design

-  Integrated: Lock-off, Temperature sensor, Filter, Safety pressure relief valve

-  High performance Up To 500hp  

-  Single stage 

-  Pressure regulation software Adjustable: 

              Pressure setting: 50-380kPa absolute

              No derive or pressure peaks

Data Sheet
TypeSingle Stage Full Electronic Pressure Reducer
Fuel TypeLiquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG)
EnvironmentEngine Compartment
Weight800 g
DimensionsØ56 mm X 142 mm
Input Pressure (Abs.)300-2500 kPA
Output Pressure (Abs.)0-550 kPA, Adjustable (Software limited between 50-380 kPA)
Max Fuel Flow Rate>100 kg/h a 60 °C ECT
Pressure Relieve Valve5,85 ± 50 kPA ( R67-01)
Operating Temperatures- 40°C to + 120°C
Gas InletStandard M12x1 : 8 mm Copper
Gas Outlet16 mm
Coolant Connections16 mm (no flow direction specified)

Temperature Sensor Type

Standard sensor, R-ntc at 20°C is 2500Ω,  IP 54A Connector
MAP ReferenceControlled by Software