Ecu Dual

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The ECU it processes the electronic parameters received from the Diesel injection ECU or from other additional electronic components, modifying and using them to drive the gas injectors.


Data Sheet
Operating VoltageVbatt = 10 ÷ 16V
Operating temperature-40 ÷ 110°C
Current absorption with the actuators disabledImax ≤ 0.5A
Current absorption in standby modeIstandby ≤ 5mA
Agreement10R-03 / 67R-01 / 110R-00
Actuators managed
Up to 2 gas injectors with the following characteristicsImax= 6A, Vbatt,max= 16V
2 power outputs for gas solenoid valves
Pmax = 25W, Imax = 2A (with 2 outputs enabled)
Pmax = 50W, Imax = 4A (with 1 outputs enabled)
Sensors managed
Gas pressure sensor463504000
MAP sensorAEB031
Water temperature sensor4K7
Gas Level sensor: AEB level sensorAEB, 0-90Ohm, non standard, non standard invertito
Oxygen SensorLinear (Lambda sensor)