IN03 MY09 Injectors Rail


Code, Description:

09SQ98P3N314B    Injectors Rail Blue (normal)
09SQ98P3M314B    Injectors Rail Orange (max)
09SQ98P3S314A    Injectors Rail Yellow (super max)

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The IN03 MY09, the new injector for LPG and CNG sequential systems. The IN03 can satisfy the most sophisticated market demands guaranteeing installation practicality, appealing design, high performances and very fast opening and closing cycles.

Data Sheet

• Floating shutter in friction total absence

• Impedance: 1,55 / 1,7 mH a 20 °C

• Temperature: -40 °C ÷ 100 °C

• Voltage: 6 V ÷ 16 V

• Seal: Rubber on metal

• Approval: R67-01 - R110