Pan JET20 Injectors

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Injectors TypeNormaly Closed, Bottom Feed, Low Resistance, Peak & Hold Driving Strategy
Homologations110R-000119 (CNG) - 67R-010187 (GPL)         10R-051139
Injector Layout8-6-5-4-3 Cylinders (Different Assembly Kits)
Injector RailPlastic
Electrical ConnectionAMP SuperSeal 1.5 Connector
Gas InletRubber Diameter 12 mm
Gas OutletRubber Diameter 6 mm
Spare PartsNozzles: 1,50 - 1,75 - 2,00 - 2,50 - 3,50 mm     Plug – Sensor Fitting – Pipe Holder 90°
Weight102 g (single injector)
Data Sheet

Resistance a 20°C1,75 ± 5% Ω
Inductance a 100Hz4,4 mH
Maximum Working Delta Pressure4,0 barg
Operating Voltage Range8 ÷ 16 V
Approval Temperature Range LPG-20 to 120°C
Approval Temperature Range CNG-40 to 120°C
Operating Temperature Range-20 to 120°C
External Leakage (100% Control During Production) a 20°C, Medium AIR< 15 cc/h @ 0,9 ± 0,1 barg and 2,0 ± 0,1 barg
Stroke0,5 mm
Opening Time a 13,5 V, 20°C (Statistical Control) No Nozzle2,1 ± 0,2 @ 2,0 barg, 4,0 ms (No Nozzle)
Dynamic Air flow Rate a 20°C (100% Control During Production) No Nozzle840 ± 7% Nl/h @ 2,0 barg, 4,0 ms, 13,5 V, 40 ms (Period)
Static Air Flow Rate a 20°C (Statistical Control with LAB Test) No Nozzle11.000 Nl/h @ 2,0 barg, 13,5 V
Linearity*± 7% relative to theoretical linear characteristic from 3,0 ms of injection time
Peak Current4,6 A
Hold CurrentMin 1.55 A
Reliability**600 million cycles

*Linearity is calculated considering the percentage difference between the measured injector flow rate characteristic and the theoretical injector flow rate characteristic by linear regression.

**Based on Lab test in air.