Bora Advance Ecu (6 cylinder)

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Advanced ECU with integrated DI injector emulation is the hart of the system. With 'limp home mode’ strategy.

 - It is the heart of the Bora Advance System

 - Only for DI-MPI coil injectors

 - Extended “full limp home mode” strategy

-  Flexible mounting system 

- Management and Calibration Software “Zavoli Calibration Tool”

-  Master / Slave control 

-  All outputs are protected against overloads 

- Responsible for all calculations related to fuel quantity conversion (Petrol> LPG)

-  Interruption and simulation of the single petrol injector inside the control unit 

 - Selective switching between Gas and Petrol (IM command for each cylinder)

 - Manages the control system of the safety valves

 - Check the GDI injector module

 - OBD compatible communication

      • 2x CAN, UART, LIN 

 - Internal diagnostic management of the system integrated in the software

      •  Actuator test via the diagnostic program  

      •  Error while storing in the management of blocked data

 - R10-R67-R110