Zenith reducers


Code, Power Max and Regulation pressure:

E010M0085Z    Up to 230 Kw (312 Hp) - 1.9/2.0 bar

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It is the reducer dedicated to CNG equipments. This reducer consists of two reduction stages with the task of:
- face pressure level of CNG coming from the tank (load pressure roughly 22 MPa corresponding to 220 bar);
- spread CNG at an intermediate pressure, roughly 500 - 600 kPa (5 - 6 bar), in a first stage;
- bring some heat suitable to avoid a fuel cooling too high because of its sudden expansion;
- fur ther spread CNG to the wished final pressure, roughly 200 kPa (2 bar), useful to supply injection system. This outlet pressure value depends on intake manifold pressure signal: practically, differential pressure between CNG pipe at the outlet of the reducer and intake manifold stays the same.
In spite of its compact dimensions, reducer can guarantee high gas flows, so that it can satisfy powers up to 230 kW.
Zenith pressure reducer is provided with a Delta p (Δp) setting of roughly 2000 mbar. Installer can modify this value if necessary, between 1600 and 2500 mbar, operating on suitable screw.

Working Pressure260 bar
Outlet gas Pressure2.0 ÷ 2,5  bar
Number of Stages2
Inlet gas fittingM12 x 1
Outlet gas fittingRubber hose Ø 12 mm
Water Coolant PortRubber hose Ø 8 mm
MAP PortRubber hose Ø 5 mm
T range-40/ +120° C
Agreement110R-00 / ISO15500
PowerVersion up to 230 Kw